If you advertise your house for sale in Scotland you must obtain a Home Report.

A Home Report contains all the relevant information required by law to sell your property.

It must be prepared by a suitably qualified Chartered Surveyor registered with the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

Why Choose FSS to produce your Home Report?

Our RICS registered and qualified Surveyors produce independent Home Reports.

We are not a subsidiary of, affiliated with or owned by (in part or whole) any Estate Agency. This means we can produce your Home Report for any Estate Agent you choose.

ALL our Home Reports include a Mortgage Valuation.

Home Reports that do not contain a Mortgage Valuation will not be able to be used by your purchaser to obtain a Mortgage.

We are “Panel Surveyors”

Our Home Reports are reliably accepted by all major Banks and Building Societies.

National Coverage – Local Expertise.

As part of First Surveyors Scotland we have a network of offices across Scotland.

What is in a Home Report?

Property Questionnaire

This is completed by you, the seller or your agent.  It will ask appropriate questions regarding the current ownership of your house or flat and note helpful information for use by prospective buyers

Single Survey

This is a “Homebuyer or Scheme 2” degree of assessment as to the property’s current condition. In order to be concise any repairs that are highlighted by the Surveyor will be assessed on a scale of 1 – 3
Category 1. No immediate action or repair is needed.
Category 2. Repairs or replacement requiring future attention.
Category 3. Urgent Repairs or replacement are needed now.

EPC (Energy Performance Certificate)

This is an assessment of the energy efficiency of the property rated from - A (best) to G (poorest)

Mortgage Valuation Report (MVR)

Although not mandatory all FSS Home Reports contain a Mortgage Valuation.  Most buyers require a mortgage.  The MVR provided allows your buyer to process their mortgage application without the need for the Bank to undertake another inspection of your house, usually incurring additional cost.